HTS New York is a premier HVAC equipment integrator in the New York region – a significant achievement given New York City alone has more existing building square footage than the next five largest U.S. cities combined.

And though our focus is New York, we work throughout the United States and Canada to provide commercial HVAC solutions as well as highly specialized, mission-critical design and equipment.

In New York and beyond, we focus on numerous vertical markets including healthcare, laboratories, heat recovery technologies and luxury and hospitality high-rise construction. One main goal is to provide real technical and design horsepower to assist owners, engineers and general contractors in design and build applications.

We also provide the highest technical level of custom air handling design and heat recovery technologies in the region. Our expertise gives us a leg up on the competition, particularly since we have the knowledge to be able to put together different designs and technologies to deliver to the client exactly what they want.

HTS Regions

HTS Ontario

HTS founded in 1992 in Toronto

7 offices: Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Oshawa, Ottawa, Sudbury, Toronto

Building Automation, Custom Equipment, Energy Management, Parts, & Service

HTS Chicago

Opened in 1999

1 office in Wheaton

Custom HVAC Equipment, Controls & Parts

HTS New England

Opened in 1997

1 office in Boston

Building Automation, Custom Mechanical Equipment, Parts, & Service

HTS New York

Opened in 2005

1 office in New York City

Custom Mechanical Equipment & Parts

HTS Texas

Opened in 2001 – Houston

6 Offices: Austin, Beaumont, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio

Airside Products, Building Automation, Custom Equipment, Energy Management, Parts, & Service