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Welcome to one of the premier Houston commercial HVAC companies. We are HTS and our team strives to offer our clients the very best heating and cooling solutions and services. Heating, cooling, ventilation and humidity control are all very important processes within your commercial, industrial or institutional facility. When these processes are not effective or efficient, it can cost your business money and hamper productivity. The team at HTS is ready to outfit your facility with Houston HVAC control systems that automate these, and other processes. By doing so, we are able to extend the life of your heating and cooling equipment, achieve superior energy efficiency and more effectively manage the climate in your facility.  

Proudly serving as one of the premier commercial HVAC companies in Houston TX

As one of the leading Houston commercial HVAC companies, HTS works to customize solutions unique to your facility or application. We use high-quality parts and components and utilize a highly experienced team of technicians that combines for decades in the industry. HTS works with some of the following clientele:
  • General contractors
  • Mechanical contractors
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Building owners
  • And more
The team at HTS works closely with you through every phase of the project — design, purchase, installation, maintenance and service. We are fully committed to the ultimate success of our end user. That means finding Houston HVAC control systems that maximize your profitability, productivity and convenience.  

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We want to talk to you more about the heating and cooling solutions that we offer and how we might prove to be an asset for your facility or building project. See for yourself why we’re one of the leading Houston commercial HVAC companies. Our customer service staff is standing by right now to hear from you.

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