Motivair MPC Industrial and Process Chillers

Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled


Air-Cooled Industrial Process Chillers
Each process cooling application is unique and because of that, Motivair designs its air-cooled chillers to meet each client’s needs. Process water/glycol temperatures can be selected from -5F to 65F. A refrigeration system can be designed utilizing Centrifugal, Screw or Scroll compressors based on project profile and design points. Available options include integrated Free-Cooling Systems, Heat Recovery Systems Pump Packages, Storage tanks, Low Ambient Kits, High Ambient Kits and costal corrosion resistant designs.

Water-Cooled Industrial Process Chillers
Water-Cooled Process chillers are available from 5-500 tons and utilize both shell & tube and brazed plate evaporators and condensers. Process water/glycol temperatures are available from -5F – 65F with varying condenser water temperatures from 45F to 105F on request. Most of our water-cooled process chillers are installed indoors but consult our Application Engineers for outdoor rated packages.

  • Compact Footprint
  • Industrial design features
  • High Efficiency
  • Various Refrigerant Options
  • Wide range of operating points
  • PLC & Microprocessor Control
  • Pump and Tank package options