Daikin Applied Pathfinder® Air Cooled Screw Chiller


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100% Configurable:
As the first fully configurable unit in the industry, Pathfinder's flexible design and component options allow you to balance price and performance to best meet requirements.

Economical and Energy Efficient:
Daikin's proven technologies in a newly engineered and flexible design make Pathfinder® the clear choice. So whether you run a school, hospital, or other mission-critical space, you can choose what matters to you - no compromising.

Technology That Responds To Your Needs:
Pathfinder's performance is optimized for every condition and at every hour of the day with Daikin's unique variable VR (volume ratio) compressor technology. By adjusting the compression ratio to meet the load demands of the building or process, you gain maximized efficiency no matter what the conditions.

Resolve Your Biggest Power Loss Concerns:
A power loss could turn into a critical loss of cooling in mission critical facilities. RapidRestore® option allows your Pathfinder® to start as fast as 35 seconds after power is restored and the Fast Loading option can restore full-load cooling capacity in under 4 minutes. With Pathfinder's advanced technology you can find peace of mind even on your toughest days.

Most efficient full load and part load operation quietest sound levels published largest capacity air cooled screw chiller - 550 tons remote evaporator option for application flexibility RapidRestore® option with Fast Loading allows a Pathfinder® Chiller to restart a compressor after a temporary power loss and restore full cooling faster than any other air cooled chiller.

Find out your payback analysis with this tool: http://application.daikinapplied.com/payback/Chiller

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