Valent VPRE Series (Water Source Heat Pump)


The VPRE Series with energy recovery wheel and water source heat pump refrigeration is designed to heat, cool, and dehumidify high quantities of outside air while connected to boiler-tower or geothermal water loops.

At the heart of Valent’s water source heat pump is an active head pressure control strategy that modulates water flow to each coaxial heat exchanger. By maintaining head pressure in each refrigeration circuit, Valent’s water source heat pumps provide greater heating capacity in heating mode as well as greater reheat capacity in dehumidification mode. In addition, active head pressure control allows the equipment to be used safely in a wide range of water side and air side design conditions.

Key Product Benefits:

  • Lower operating costs with total enthalpy wheel constructed of polymer substrate and silica gel desiccant
  • Proven reliability by subjecting all production units to a 1.5-hour run-test
  • Increased heating capacity through active modulation of water flow to each coaxial water-to-refrigerant heat exchange
  • Improved freezing resistance with coaxial water-to-refrigerant heat exchanger
  • Lower environmental impact through reduced refrigerant volumes from the use of a micro-channel hot gas reheat coil
  • Greater control over discharge air temperatures with Digital Scroll™ compressors
  • Straightforward integration into new or existing building management system with available BAC-net IP, BACnet MSTP, or LonWorks communication
  • Durable casing constructed of 2″ foam-injected, double-wall exterior panels
  • Quiet and efficient airflow through direct-drive backward-inclined plenum fans with factory provided VFDs
  • Reduced risk of water carry over with 6″ of separation be-tween the hot gas reheat and evaporator coil