Multi Family Residential Project

Clover Condo

The Clover condo is a luxurious condo located near Yorkville.

  • Cresford Developments Building Owner
  • Municipal Mechanical Ltd. Mechanical Contractor
  • Novatrend Engineering Group Ltd. MEP Engineer
  • architectsAlliance Architect

The Clover condo is a luxurious condo located near Yorkville. This 55-storey tower offers residents exciting amenities such as a theatre room, coffee bar, library, and much more.


HTS supplied the following equipment:

Alerton H/W

Daikin SWP – Self Contained A/C – CV

Daikin Enfinity Horizontal Heat Pumps

Daikin Thin-line Horizontal Fan Coil

Daikin SmartSource Heat Pumps

Emcoair High Induction Linear Slot Diffusers

Haakon DX A/C

Haakon Acoustic Enclosure complete with Water Cooled condensing skids

Jaga Mini Canal

Omega High Rise H/P

RefPlus Air Cooled CU

Sigma Force Flow Cabinet Heater

Sigma Unit Heaters

Sigma Bare Element

Xylem End Suction Pump

Xylem In-Line Pump

Xylem Horiz In-Line Pump

Xylem Vertical Pump

Xylem Inline Pump

Xylem Circulators

Xylem Eco Circ

Xylem Booster Pump Package

Xylem Rolairtrol Air Separator

Xylem Suction Diffuser

Xylem GPX-P Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

Xylem Brazed Plate Het Exchanger

Xylem Fire & Jockey Pump Package

Variable Frequency Drives

Vibro-Acoustics Spring Isolation

Vibro-Acoustics Spring + Neoprene isolation

Vibro-Acoustics Neoprene Pads

Vibro-Acoustics Neoprene Hanger

Vibro-Acoustics Concrete Inertia Base c/w Isolators

Vibro-Acoustics Floating Floor for Chiller Room