Liturgical Project

Faithbridge Church Expansion

Faithbridge Church in Spring, TX expanded their sanctuary to now seat 1,100.

  • Faithbridge Building Owner
  • Collaborative Engineering MEP Engineer
  • Standard Mechanical Mechanical Contractor
  • Brookstone General Contractor
  • Studio Red Architect

Faithbridge Church in Spring, TX expanded their sanctuary to now seat 1,100. With this expansion, they needed to increase the cooling capacity of the facility. HTS Texas worked with the church during its initial construction and Faithbridge didn't hesitate to turn to the company again to meet its expanded cooling needs. The design team selected Daikin as the basis of design for their high standard of quality and proven performance.

Already equipped with a Daikin air cooled chiller and Skyline air handling unit, the church was still looking for the lowest possible noise levels with the highest quality units. HTS also had to provide additional units that would integrate seamlessly with the existing Siemens Talon Control System and keep the entire HVAC system energy efficient. The solution: the installation of another premium efficiency air cooled chiller and Daikin Vision air handling units. Also installed were ETI fan coil units (FCUs), Danfoss VFDs and a Daikin Skyline custom energy recovery unit (ERU). The quality of the combined products makes for both an energy-saving and a sound-reducing HVAC system, meeting the church's most pressing needs.

Associated Systems
Air Cooled Chillers
Custom Air Handling
Variable Air Volume AHU