Multi Family Residential Project

Frank M. Tejada Veterans Home

The Frank M.

  • Texas Veterans Land Board Building Owner
  • Alderson & Associates Mechanical Contractor
  • Jamail & Smith Construction General Contractor

The Frank M. Tejada Veterans Home in Floresville, TX underwent renovations to fix their cooling capacity issues. This home provides care for up to 160 residents. HTS Texas was chosen as basis of design for the project for its ability to provide the best solutions for the job.

HTS was able to design a custom unit to fit on the existing curb with no adaptor and also provided redundancy to keep the equipment up and running 100% of the time. HTS supplied 5 custom Seasons 4 rooftop units totaling 210 tons and successfully replaced the old units while the building was still occupied.

The owner wanted to be sure that if a unit failed, it would not shut down completely. HTS designed the system so that each unit has 2 fans and multiple compressors individually piped and circuited. All the compressors are the same size so that if a compressor does fail: a) the owner only has to stock 1 for all the units and b) the unit is only 15-20% down, meaning it's still running at 80% for tenant comfort.