Leisure Project

Southwest Community Centre

The YMCA and City of London are sharing a two-storey facility inside the Southwest Community Centre.

  • Gold LEED Certification Level
  • City of London Building Owner
  • Aquicon Construction Co. Ltd. Mechanical Contractor
  • Smith + Andersen Consulting Engineering MEP Engineer
  • MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects Ltd, a+LINK Architecture Inc. Architect

The YMCA and City of London are sharing a two-storey facility inside the Southwest Community Centre. The YMCA includes an athletic centre, aerobics rooms, youth centre, gymnasium, aquatics centre with a 25-metre pool, change rooms and a community centre. The City of London facility features two NHL-size ice pads, multi-purpose rooms and an indoor running track. This building is also home to the London library. 

For this project, HTS used Packaged Rooftop units and Gas fired Desiccant units to keep ice rinks dehumidified. 

HTS supplied the following equipment:

AAON Make-up Air Unit

AAON Air Cooled Condensing Unit

Berner Air Curtains

CDI Ice Rink Dehumidification Unit

Cook Aluminum Roof Mounted Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Cook Energy Recovery Ventilator

Cook Wall Propeller Exhaust Fans

Daikin Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Units

Daikin Change Room Custom Air Handler

Daikin Booster Coil

Daikin Heat Pump Condensing Unit

Daikin Wall Mount VRV Head

Daikin VRV Head

Danfoss VFDs

Dectron Dry-O-Tron Pool Unit

Halton Kitchen Hood

Kinetics Floor Spring Isolators

Kinetics Isolation Pads

Kinetics Ceiling Spring Isolators

Kinetics Concrete Inertia Bases

Kinetics Spring Hangers

Kinetics Ceiling Neoprene Isolators

Metalaire Square Plaque Diffusers

Metalaire Double Deflection Supply Grilles

Metalaire Eggcrate Return Grilles

Metalaire Heavy Duty Return Grilles

Metalaire Drum Louvers

Metalaire Single Deflection Return Grilles

Metalaire Linear Slot Diffusers

Metalaire VAV Boxes

Metalaire Fan Powered Boxes

Modine Separate Combustion Unit Heater

Runtal Radiators

Sigma Enclosure

Sigma Force Flow Cabinet Heater

Sigma Unit Heaters

Xylem Bell & Gossett Split-Coupled Vertical In-line

Xylem Bell & Gossett Suction Diffuser

Xylem Triple Duty Valves

Xylem Close-Coupled In-line Pumps

Xylem Circulators

Xylem Vertical Expansion Tank

Xylem Bell & Gossett Model GPX

Ventex Extruded Aluminum Louvers