We recognized a need for highly specialized HVAC solutions for more demanding technology-driven businesses, ranging from mission-critical data centers to research and healthcare facilities.

To meet that unique need, we invested deeply in talent with exceptional technical knowledge. That specialization extends to other parts of the United States and Canada, as well.

We have the unique ability to mix and match various designs and technologies to provide clients with exactly what fits their needs best — and then we back that up with real operational stability.

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Two popular HVAC technologies we currently employ are heat recovery and the use of multiple fans. Both of these technologies have been in use for some time, but the knowledge base involving their actual use has deteriorated and there is a host of misinformation in the marketplace as a result. HTS New York vets each technology and determines when they are advantageous and when they are not. Anyone who has questions about heat recovery or multiple fan air handling systems can be assured the information they get from us about them will be accurate.

Additionally, we have the expertise and the ability to perform full energy Building Information Modeling (BIM), showing building geometry and components and how the system we provide fits in the design. This helps us to better understand the various needs of our clients, particularly when our services are required outside of our geographic region, which is not unusual. Currently, we are in some phase of project design or construction in most states, as well as in Canada. Unlike most other firms in this business, we follow clients wherever they go, without regard to geographic concerns.