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If you’re a building owner, manager, facilities manager or contract engineer, you need a Toronto OEM HVAC parts supplier you can trust. HTS Ontario has been a respected name in HVAC logistics for decades. We have exceptionally well-trained technicians to handle any operational requirements for your building in the area of temperature control. Unsurpassed in Toronto Commercial OEM HVAC Parts Due to our extensive relationships with top HVAC companies, we can access Toronto commercial OEM HVAC parts quickly and easily. That’s a tremendous advantage when you need to maintain the smooth operation of your building’s temperature and humidity controls. We can locate and install virtually any OEM part you might need. What type of equipment does HTS Ontario install and maintain?
  1. Boilers
  2. Water Source Heat Pumps
  3. Humidifiers
  4. PTAC
  5. WSHP
  6. Infrared Heaters
  7. Hot Water Tanks
Our technicians have an impressive amount of experience maintaining all of the above equipment. They train an extra 40 hours per year to stay on top of all the latest in HVAC logistics. Additionally, you will appreciate our friendly 24/7-customer service to answer your questions or make rapid service calls when necessary. Your Trusted Toronto OEM HVAC Parts Supplier We install parts from name brands you know and trust. Your important HVAC operations begin with quality OEM parts. Here are some of the manufacturers we trust and use on a regular basis:
  • Daikin
  • McQuay
  • PVI
  • Whalen
  • JCI
  • ClimateMaster
Our OEM HVAC services in Toronto are second to none. When you need a part or service, we have a solution. We will not rest on our laurels, but continue to strive for perfection in serving you!

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