Our technical sales teams work with estimators, project managers and the rest of your construction team to help ensure the profitability of the job and the building owner’s preference for your company for future building projects.

Early in the pre-construction stages, builders call on us to provide conceptual HVAC design for all applications. We provide timely, accurate information that helps you work with the architects and engineering teams so that everyone involved understands and specifies the right equipment for the project.

Beyond the upfront costs of HVAC equipment, builders need to be able to answer the facility owner’s questions about the installed HVAC system’s total cost of ownership. We run the calculations for you so you can answer:

  • How much energy savings can be achieved with this design and equipment selection?
  • Will this HVAC system be eligible for utility incentive programs for energy efficiency?
  • Will this system earn the project additional LEED points?
  • Would a less complex system reduce training, maintenance personnel, and long-term maintenance costs?

We know you are expected to oversee the many sub-contractors involved on a project to make sure the owner achieves the best return on the asset. Understanding the motives and pressures on each of the team members, HTS guides general contractors to understand all the considerations, such as:

  • Placement decisions affected by HVAC system weight, ease of maintenance, impact on energy usage due to the need to move cooled or heated air and water further from point to point
  • Need for installed power to support the HVAC system design
  • Impact of HVAC system selection on overall building footprint
  • Consequences for interior or exterior location of HVAC system components
  • Equipment lead and delivery times and making sure they fit into the project schedule for on-time completion
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