We help you qualify for these financial reimbursements by evaluating usable space and energy efficient systems for your building. The incentives allow for upgrading old systems and equipment with reimbursement for some of the upfront investment.

HTS utilizes internal programs to help building owners determine the best financial model to upgrade HVAC equipment with new equipment. That equipment can include chillers, 100% Outside Air energy recovery units, air handling units, variable speed drives, premium efficiency rooftop and desiccant dehumidification units, among other types of equipment.

Equipment can be depreciated at a much faster rate than buildings. Equipment depreciates in 7 years or less versus 20 years for a typical building.

For example, penthouse mechanical rooms and pre-packaged central plants allow owners to depreciate HVAC equipment or space much more aggressively than the depreciating the building proper. HTS provides unique solutions for pre-packaged central plants and mechanical penthouses, which results in the added benefit of providing a more usable building footprint and higher efficiency equipment.