HTS Chicago succeeds when its clients succeed. We are a leading solutions-oriented HVAC distributor providing the most up-to-date technology, engineering expertise and reliable after-the-sale service on the market.

HTS Chicago represents specialty manufacturers focused on improving the health of indoor environments, primarily research and health care facilities.

Our chief objective is assisting customers in developing viable solutions and aiding them in making the best selection. To paraphrase Harvey Mackay, we strive to become indispensable employees who happen to be on someone else’s payroll.

While we primarily cater to building owners and engineers in the nation’s third largest city; we always take a customized, one-on-one approach to customer service. We purposefully drive the project management process, thereby ensuring client satisfaction through direct contact and immediate-response technical support and service.

Creativity and innovation are hallmarks of HTS Chicago – and key distinguishers that drive our success. We are constantly brainstorming unique and built-to-order HVAC solutions for our clients in industries ranging from the commercial and industrial sectors to large-scale health care and educational facilities.

Our team of sales representatives and field engineers are on hand from system concept to start-up and throughout the life of the HVAC equipment. HTS Chicago offers premier engineering expertise coupled with the most thorough product knowledge to ensure long-term success for the client and end-user.

As a result HTS Chicago is a leading provider of HVAC solutions for critical environments in the Midwest.

HTS Regions

HTS Ontario

HTS founded in 1992 in Toronto

7 offices: Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Oshawa, Ottawa, Sudbury, Toronto

Building Automation, Custom Equipment, Energy Management, Parts, & Service

HTS Chicago

Opened in 1999

1 office in Wheaton

Custom HVAC Equipment, Controls & Parts

HTS New England

Opened in 1997

1 office in Boston

Building Automation, Custom Mechanical Equipment, Parts, & Service

HTS New York

Opened in 2005

1 office in New York City

Custom Mechanical Equipment & Parts

HTS Texas

Opened in 2001 – Houston

6 Offices: Austin, Beaumont, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio

Airside Products, Building Automation, Custom Equipment, Energy Management, Parts, & Service