In addition to providing a full suite of state-of-the-art equipment from respected manufacturers, HTS takes the role of an integral project manager from the earliest design phases through fabrication and delivery of the equipment, product installation, commissioning, training and service and maintenance. We serve as expert consultants throughout the process to save you time and money – supporting your need for a successful and profitable project.

Engineers express appreciation for the depth of support HTS provides as we:

  • Produce same-day and often same-hour equipment selections and autocad drawings
    • Many times these are produced from a clean sheet of paper vs. what the standard selection software generates
    • Every product is custom built for your application or specification
  • Provide accurate information related to what the client wants
  • Produce thorough and professional specification reviews and full shop drawings with construction details
  • Supply line-by-line specification compliance reviews for the particular product and application
  • Make comments to MEP engineering firms’ master specifications that concentrate on new code specifics, updated industry terminology, and today’s applicable language that is digestible by the industry
  • Conduct product lunch and learns to further educate engineers on new enhancements, new technology, and established system concepts
  • Factory tours to educate our clients on our products’ R&D, what other regional clients are specifying and why, and to demonstrate finished products on a test stand to show what the engineer specified is achievable
  • Drop detailed field measurements into clients’ AutoCAD blocks
  • Verify NEC, maintenance and code compliant clearances for them
  • Design and guarantee drain pipe trap height and specs
  • Supply center of gravity calculations
  • Provide filter and coil pull analyses
  • Work hand-in-hand with engineers on ANSYS Finite Element Analysis of vibration and structural modeling
  • Provide VFD or starter coordination
  • Provide acoustical analysis
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