HTS New England runs the gamut when it comes to providing custom HVAC solutions for projects of all different sizes in the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. We continue to succeed over the competition – whether our clients need energy-recovery systems or high-efficiency chillers – because our equipment is invariably dependable and consistently low on maintenance.

HTS New England serves the following building owners’ needs:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Humidity control;
  • Energy recovery;
  • Heating;
  • Mechanical room design and fabrication;
  • Heat recovery and building efficiency improvement;
  • Industrial process heating and cooling;
  • Variable speed motor control;
  • Building Automation Systems and;
  • Parts and supplies.

Bucking the industry norm to provide non-technical sales representatives, HTS New England’s highly trained, professional engineering and technical sales staff provide far more than a line sheet and price quote. HTS New England’s competent engineering teams help building owners and the teams they assemble make informed decisions about rapidly changing HVAC technology to deliver cleaner, more efficient, more reliable air and water systems.

Sophisticated project management processes ensure project and equipment compatibility and documented efficiency. Some of New England’s most long-established and respected organizations, companies and institutions rely on HTS New England every day to ensure their HVAC-related projects – completed safely, on budget and on schedule – deliver the results the building owner expected to achieve.

HTS Regions

HTS Ontario

HTS founded in 1992 in Toronto

7 offices: Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Oshawa, Ottawa, Sudbury, Toronto

Building Automation, Custom Equipment, Energy Management, Parts, & Service

HTS Chicago

Opened in 1999

1 office in Wheaton

Custom HVAC Equipment, Controls & Parts

HTS New England

Opened in 1997

1 office in Boston

Building Automation, Custom Mechanical Equipment, Parts, & Service

HTS New York

Opened in 2005

1 office in New York City

Custom Mechanical Equipment & Parts

HTS Texas

Opened in 2001 – Houston

6 Offices: Austin, Beaumont, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio

Airside Products, Building Automation, Custom Equipment, Energy Management, Parts, & Service