Beaumont Building Automation Systems

Control your facility’s heating and cooling system in real time with HTS and our Beaumont building automation systems.

Here at HTS, we serve as the Siemens Talon and Distech dealer for the state of Texas, bring advanced HVAC controls in Beaumont TX and beyond. Our clients rely on our knowledge, expertise and high quality equipment to create Beaumont building automation controls that will extend the life of their HVAC system and bolster energy efficiency at their industrial, commercial or residential property.

With our building automation systems in Beaumont TX, we utilize a Tridium Niagara AX front end, that allows our team to integrate systems and equipment into one single platform, regardless of the manufacturer and communication protocol.

Through this front end, users are able to access their Beaumont HVAC controls via an easy-to-use, online interface that is available through a simple web browser.


Our building automation controls in Beaumont TX bring efficiency to your facility

The end game for just about any business is to maximize profits. This can be tough do when the heating and cooling system in your facility is operating inefficiently.

With our Beaumont building automation systems, all heating, cooling, ventilation and humidity control processes are completely streamlined and automated to preserve energy. Not only will you find that these HVAC controls in Beaumont TX are effective in controlling the climate in your facility, but you will also realize the true return on your investment when you receive your monthly utility bills.


Consult with HTS and talk to us about building automation

Harness the vast benefits that come with our sophisticated Beaumont building automation systems. Talk to the team at HTS and we can custom create a system that works for your building. We walk with you through every phase of the project — from design and implementation to the 24/7 support service that we offer.