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If you’re a commercial building manager, architect or engineer you may have heard of HTS Texas. That’s because we’ve been leading the way in commercial IAQ services in Dallas, TX, for over 20 years. We have over 100 degreed engineers working on ventilation, temperature, humidity, filtration and containment removal systems. Your building occupants will appreciate a healthier environment that will result in greater productivity for your company. The Many Benefits of Our Dallas, TX, IAQ Services Did you know that HTS Texas has implemented over 250 million square feet of IAQ enhancements? We’ve implemented cutting edge indoor air quality solutions in commercial projects of all sizes and scope. Here are some of the many great benefits in using HTS Texas for your important Dallas, TX, IAQ services to ensure your building’s clean air environment:
  • Factory trained mechanics
  • OEM trained mechanics
  • 24/7 on-call technicians
  • Instantly source hard-to-find items
  • HVAC design and support
  • Top brand names in equipment
  • Industry-leading warranties
We know it’s critically important for our clients to ensure clean, healthy air in their building — and for their workers — and that’s why we’ve worked hard to be the best in the industry. An Arsenal of Air Quality Solutions Our commercial clients have vastly different IAQ needs for their buildings. We work closely with building owners, managers, architects and engineers to provide best-in-class commercial IAQ services in Dallas, TX, and 16 locations in Canada. HTS Texas will help you design and implement a successful plan for your continued clean air quality. One example of our featured solutions is commercial-grade active filtration systems. Our filtration products have up to 99% efficacy in arresting viruses in your work environment. We have implemented these systems for medical facilities, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. We’ve also provided IAQ solutions in Dallas, TX, with these other modern systems:
  • UV Germicidal Irradiation
  • Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization
  • Polarized Media Filtration Systems
  • Modular IAQ Sensor Solutions
HTS Texas works closely with our clients to decide which combination of these commercial air quality systems will be most effective for them. There is virtually no building configuration that we have not seen! Contact HTS Texas Today Call us today at (832) 328-1010 or use our convenient online contact form.  We look forward to providing your commercial building with exemplary air quality.

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