HTS-U 102: Building Operators – Module 3: HVAC System Efficiency Improvements

Presented by HTS

Date: Thursday, February 25th, 2021

Session Time: 4:00PM – 6:00PM

Details of Session

Central Chiller Plants

    • Strategies for Single and Multiple Chiller Plants
    • Air Cooled and Water Cooled Chillers
    • Energy optimization strategies
    • Heat recovery options
    • Understanding chiller performance curves
    • Case study comparisons of chiller efficiency
    • Modern chiller technology vs. existing older chillers

Pumping Technology

    • Variable primary vs. primary secondary in cooling and heating
    • Low Delta T syndrome. Definition, effects, and solutions to resolve
    • VFDs for system balancing

Central Heating Plants

    • Condensing vs. Non-condensing boilers
    • Strategies to maximize boiler run time in condensing mode
    • Outdoor air reset and return water reset strategies
    • Low temp perimeter heating
    • Zero carbon product options for heating water

Air Handling Systems

    • Understanding fan laws and their impacts on energy consumption
    • VAV Systems vs. Constant Volume
    • Multizone and Single Zone VAV
    • Managing static pressure with high efficient filtration
    • UVC technology. Reduce maintenance, static pressure and airborne infection
    • Demand Control Ventilation
    • ASHRAE options to reduce fresh air in buildings
    • Recommissioning air handling units for better efficiency and control

Domestic Water

    • Condensing hot water heaters
    • Upgrade boosters with VFDs
    • Sensorless vs. wired sensors for controlling system pressure

Rooftop Units

    • Retrofitting to VAV (Multiple and Single zone)
    • Unoccupied setback of temperature and fans energy saving calculations
    • Define SEER ratings and example differences in expected utility costs
    • Strategies for reducing energy with existing systems

Heating Recovery

    • Water side Options for Heat Recovery in heating and cooling systems
    • Grey and black waste water heat recovery
    • Air systems heat recovery options


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