Hamilton ON Building Energy Management & Recovery Systems

You’ve heard a lot about office building energy management systems. What you may not know is that not every system is right for your building. That’s why you need a Hamilton building energy management company that will design a system with the functionality needed to let you control and recover energy. At HTS Ontario, our team of professionals will create a system that provides a comfortable and productive environment while maximizing energy efficiency. This includes equipment and energy retrofits to provide the most energy-efficient versions of your HVAC equipment.

What Is Energy Recovery?

This is a key component of any office building energy management system. It involves reusing the energy byproduct of one system to power another system. The experts at our building energy recovery company in Hamilton will find energy recovery opportunities. Then we’ll recommend commercial energy recovery HVAC systems and strategies to help you save money and resources. When you partner with HTS Ontario, we’ll analyze every energy source in the building and identify areas where you can save energy, whether it’s through repairs, retrofitting and/or new processes. We’ll also give you the tools you need to measure your energy use and be alerted to any issues. A Full-Service HVAC Solutions Company At HTS Ontario, we do a lot more than provide strategies to optimize your energy use. We’re the largest independent HVAC distributor in North America for the commercial and industrial sectors. Our clients include architects, mechanical engineers and contractors, building managers and other professionals at every stage of HVAC system design, installation and maintenance. We also provide:
  • Building automation and control systems
  • Custom designed equipment
  • Repair and preventive maintenance
  • OEM and aftermarket parts
And much more. 

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