Hamilton ON High-Efficiency & Energy HVAC Solutions

At HTS Ontario, we are a trustworthy Hamilton high-efficiency HVAC solutions company that specializes in options that are dependable and that can save you money. For building owners, facility managers and many others, the bottom line matters just as much as the effectiveness of the system. We strive to bring both of those together. You can have a cutting-edge HVAC setup that reduces your energy usage, keeps the building at the right temperature all year around and ensures the type of commercial HVAC system energy optimization that is so important in the modern business world. Let us help you find the ideal system for you, whether you need an upgrade or a completely new installation. A Step Above in HVAC System Energy Services In Hamilton We always seek to be a step above the competition. We start by offering the best commercial HVAC system energy optimization options on the market today, from all leading brands. You get dependable, high-caliber units from trusted companies with stellar reputations and excellent parts and material warranties. In addition, we also offer:
  • A three-month labour warranty
  • 24/7 customer service that is unmatched in this industry
  • In-stock parts, both for aftermarket options and OEM parts
  • The ability to source any additional parts you need
  • Experienced, factory-trained crews
We want to give you a full experience that you’ll enjoy, from the moment you call us to the end of the job. We’re dedicated to that type of customer satisfaction, and it’s that mission that really sets us apart as the best Hamilton high-efficiency HVAC solutions company. When high-end technology and unbeatable service combine, everyone wins.

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If you want to learn more about the newest industrial high-efficiency HVAC systems on the market today, or if you want to set up an appointment, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (905) 643-7719.

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