Houston Building Automation Systems

Reap the benefits of streamlined Houston building automation systems by working with the team at HTS. We are leaders in custom HVAC systems for commercial, institutional and industrial markets all around the state. With our HVAC controls in Houston TX, your facility is able to put its heating and cooling system on virtual autopilot. With our effective Houston building automation controls, you are able to:
  • Extend the life of your equipment: Our building automation systems in Houston TX reduce the constant wear and tear on your equipment, allowing it to last longer and perform optimally.
  • Reduce energy costs: This is a top priority for most of our clients. When heating and cooling systems are running inefficiently, they are using much more energy than they should. Out Houston HVAC controls automate your system so that you can achieve peak energy efficiency. This will reflect on monthly utility bills.
  • Precision temperature and humidity control: With our Houston building automation systems you are able to control your heating and cooling system with an easy-to-use interface available through a basic web browser. These sophisticated HVAC controls in Houston TX allow the user to achieve everything they want in the climate of their facility.
Since opening for business in 2001, HTS has been providing for the heating, cooling, ventilation and humidity control needs of our clients. The control system experts on our team will help you design and implement your building automation controls in Houston TX and then provide adequate training to allow you to become proficient in managing the climate in your facility.  

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Houston building automation systems for all types of facilities are a worthy investment. These systems provide you with the peace of mind you need to know that the climate in your facility is dialed in. Talk to our staff more about our services and solutions by contacting the team at HTS.

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