Houston Data Center Cooling Systems

Work with an industry leader to find the right data center cooling systems in Houston TX by teaming up with the skilled staff at HTS. Here at HTS, we have been a mainstay in the commercial and industrial heating and cooling space, helping to tailor solutions that fit the critical needs of our wide array of clients. Our ability to adapt to application-specific needs is put on full display with our selection of Houston data center cooling solutions.

Our approach to data center cooling solutions in Houston TX

Data centers and other mission critical environments require precise climate control — far more than your typical office building or warehouse. With our wide array of available solutions, you can select from equipment that is produced by some of the leading names in this business. With these quality materials, and the expertise of our engineering staff, you will be able to develop Houston data center cooling systems that focus on:
  • Humidity control: Data centers are filled with delicate equipment. It’s imperative to create systems that are able to protect these components from the moisture or humidity.
  • Effective climate control: Data centers run their complex equipment and components 24/7, meaning that, without superior and effective control over the climate and airflow, it can lead to an uncomfortable or dangerous work environment.
  • Energy efficiency: This is something we strive for, not just with data center cooling solution, but with all of the products and services that we offer. Our duty to the client is to create a system that will maximize their investment over time — energy efficiency is a great way to make sure that happens.

Create highly effective data center cooling systems in Houston TX

Let us help create a more effective space for your data center with our highly sophisticated systems and solutions. The staff at HTS is standing by to consult with you about your upcoming project needs.

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