Houston Industrial Air Cooled Chillers

When your manufacturing company is looking for parts, or to upgrade to Industrial Air Cooled Chillers in Houston, HTS is standing by to help. Our locally-stocked showrooms throughout Texas can provide you with custom evaluations for your business needs, allowing you to save time, money, and energy searching for new HVAC system components. Instead of wondering about the quality of your industrial HVAC systems, choose the reliable option in commercial air cooled chillers in Houston TX — choose HTS. We are your parts problem solvers and industrial systems designers of choice because of our responsiveness and attention to detail. Do not let your operation lose valuable time and revenue because of malfunctioning chillers.

How industrial air cooled chillers in Houston TX support your processes

Many of our clients are looking to make a switch to air cooled chillers after years of using water-based systems. Although water chillers are probably more common, they are not necessarily better for your applications. At HTS, our high efficiency air cooled chillers in Houston TX can provide benefits such as:
  • Lower maintenance costs and less downtime.
  • Eliminate the need for cooling tower or condensing water pump, reducing system elements that could break.
  • Lower energy costs, as air chillers consume less power than their water-based counterparts in many applications.
No matter your needs, HTS can provide you with the perfect fit for this important HVAC solution.

Experts in high efficiency air cooled chillers in Houston TX

Our team can outfit your operation with central air cooled chillers and a variety of other systems to suit your manufacturing needs. When it comes to your building’s HVAC, you should never have to worry about a part failing unexpectedly — and HTS gives you the confidence to keep your business humming along. You can enjoy more efficient, reliable HVAC operation with the help of HTS. Contact us today to get started.

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