Katy Building Automation Systems

Your industrial, commercial or institutional facility can benefit from Katy building automation systems. If you have not explored this route quite yet, we invite you to talk to the team here at HTS. We are industry leaders when it comes to HVAC controls in Katy TX, in addition to a wide range of other heating and cooling services and solutions that are geared toward commercial and industrial clients. With our Katy building automation controls, facility managers are more effectively able to manage the climate in their buildings with greater precision. Plus, our building automation systems in Katy TX extend the life of your heating and cooling equipment in addition to bolstering energy efficiency.  

Why choose HTS for Katy HVAC controls

Since opening for business in 2001, HTS has specialized in building automation controls in Katy TX. When you team up with our knowledgeable and experienced staff, we promise:
  • Exceptional service: We work closely with our clients to design Katy building automation systems that meet the needs of their facilities. We offer free life cycle training at our facility and we’re always available with 24/7 service to help you avoid costly downtime.
  • Quality products: At HTS, we carry some of the highest quality products from the most reputable names in the business. We also implement these products in our HVAC controls in Katy TX to assure a system that operates optimally.
  • Technical expertise: Through our Tridium Niagara 4 front end, we’re able to integrate systems and equipment into one single platform. This helps alleviate potential construction headaches while making our systems ultra simple to operate for our end users.
Katy building automation systems have changed the way that commercial and industrial facility managers choose to heat and cool their buildings. It’s easier, more efficient and will ultimately provide a superior return on your investment. Learn more about our available solutions, and the other services we offer, by contacting the team at HTS.

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