Katy Building Energy Management Systems

Cutting-edge Katy building management systems by HTS can transform the way your office or production facility operates. We work with clients belonging to the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. With Katy energy management control systems, we provide our clients with a custom solution that allows their facilities to operate more efficiently, thus, saving significant money on energy costs. Whether our clients are dealing with old, outdated building control systems in Katy TX, or they require our expertise for a new building project, our team of technicians and engineers are ready to create innovative solutions that will deliver results — pure and simple.  

Solving the complex needs and challenges of your work environment

Despite whatever proverbial roadblocks or hurdles your facility throws at our team, we can custom create building management systems in Katy TX that meet the needs of your work environment. That’s because our staff is:
  • Knowledgeable: Our extensive technical knowledge and savvy engineering team specialize in working with energy management control systems in Katy TX. We have experience working in all types of environments and this expertise is a true asset as we create a system for your building.
  • Reliable and proactive: When it comes to Katy building control systems, HTS is proactive in regards to servicing your equipment. We offer 24/7 repair service in addition to preventative and full maintenance visits. This extends the life of your system and ensures that it is operating correctly.
  • Dedicated to the success of our end users: We don’t just provide the equipment for Katy building management systems — we take steps to ensure that our clients are successful using them. This means reliable service and also life cycle training for all end users. We want our Katy energy management control systems to bring efficiency and productivity to your work environment.
Learn more about HTS and our extensive custom HVAC solutions. Our team would be happy to discuss Katy building management systems with you.

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