Katy Commercial HVAC Companies

Shopping through the many Katy commercial HVAC companies to find the right fit for your facility or project can be a little taxing. You need to work with a service that has your best interests and ultimate success in mind. HTS is a trusted name for Katy HVAC control systems and a full suite of custom heating and cooling solutions. We have worked with a wide range of businesses belonging to commercial, industrial and institutional markets. With our knowledge and experience on staff, and access to some of the best equipment in the industry, we are confident that we can bring efficiency and productivity to your facility via our solutions-based approach to heating, cooling and other important building management processes.  

Why choose HTS amongst a sea of commercial HVAC companies in Katy TX?

A wide range of businesses both here in Texas, and throughout the rest of the country, rely on our equipment and service every day to manage their facilities. When you select HTS over other Katy commercial HVAC companies, you are getting a team that is:
  • Experienced: We have decades of combined knowledge and experience on our staff. We apply our vast technical knowledge to assess the needs of your facility and provide appropriate solutions.
  • Dedicated: HTS wants to see our clients save money on energy costs, extend the life of their equipment and achieve a wide range of other results through our service. We are truly dedicated to the success of our clients.
  • Competent: We streamline the process of installing Katy HVAC control systems and other heating and cooling systems. We stay in close communication with everyone involved in the project and utilize our in-house project management software to stay on the set timeline.
We’re different from other Katy commercial HVAC companies and we want to show you how. Talk to us about your facility’s needs and we can get to work outfitting you with innovative solutions.

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