Kitchener ON Building Automation Control Systems

Building managers, facilities managers, engineering contractors and more have benefited from the skilled HVAC systems expertise of HTS Ontario. Many installations require efficient Kitchener building automation control systems and we have it down to a science! Benefits of Our Kitchener Commercial HVAC Automation Services As our customers well know, there are many moving parts to an efficient and reliable HVAC system. We’ve designed highly complex systems for numerous buildings of varying scales. One of the important components in this equation is automation. Here are several ways your building will benefit from well-implemented Kitchener commercial HVAC automation services:
  1. Reduced energy costs.
  2. Extended equipment life.
  3. Precise temperature control.
  4. Precise humidity control.
Energy costs are a significant consideration in a building’s operational budget. As your HVAC control systems company in Kitchener, we’ll get that number as low as possible with a highly efficient HVAC system you can rely on. We Use Leading Manufactures for Proven Results Our reliable Kitchener commercial HVAC automation services start with using leading manufactures. Our expert technicians are factory-trained to provide the exceptional workmanship our customers expect from us. Here are some prime examples of building automation systems we implement from brand names you know and trust:
  • Central Plant Control Systems
  • Laboratory Airflow Control Systems
  • Critical Application Control Systems
  • Pressure Control Systems
  • Building and Energy Management Control Systems
Thus, our award-winning industrial building automation control systems can be tailored to suit a variety of industrial and commercial purposes. HTS Ontario is a solutions-based company with a wealth of experience to build your perfect HVAC system. Contact Us for Your Kitchener Building Automation Control Systems We know your operational bottom line is important to you. Call us at (905) 643-7719 today to install and/or maintain your critically important HVAC systems. Your building is in good hands with our exceptionally well-qualified technicians.

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