Kitchener ON Commercial & Industrial Air-Cooled Chillers

When you need an air-cooled chiller that combines high performance you need with energy efficiency, look no further than HTS Ontario. We’re the premier supplier for Kitchener commercial air-cooled chillers. We specialize in helping our hour clients find the right commercial air-cooled chiller systems for their needs. As the largest independent distributor of built-to-order commercial and industrial HVAC systems, we proudly offer architects, engineers, designers and HVAC professionals unparalleled service and custom solutions at an affordable price. When You Need Industrial Air-Cooled Chillers, Come to Us At HTS Ontario, we not only provide top-quality commercial air-cooled chiller systems, we also have factory-trained mechanics who can handle your ongoing inspection and maintenance needs. Since we have a full range of HVAC products and aftermarket parts available, our team can make sure that you always have access to the right components when maintenance is needed so that your downtimes are always minimal. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that we provide:
  • A three-month labor warranty on our services in addition to the factory warranty that comes with any parts or systems
  • A dedicated customer service team that is available and responsive around the clock, any day of the year
  • Transparent pricing on all our parts and services, so that you’re never in the dark about your costs
  • Assistance with a broad range of HVAC needs, including energy management, indoor environmental control, building automation systems and more
We’ve been North America’s supplier for industrial and commercial HVAC infrastructure, equipment and parts since 1992, and we’re ready to go to work for you. Let us help you determine if our Kitchener commercial air-cooled chillers are right for your HVAC system. Looking for Industrial Air-Cooled Chillers in Kitchener?

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