New Hampshire Building Automation Systems

Welcome to HTS, where we are a trusted resource for New Hampshire building automation systems. We work with a wide range of clients, helping to equip their industrial, commercial and institutional facilities with effective and efficient heating and cooling solutions.

We leverage the decades of knowledge and experience we have on our staff to assess the needs of your facility and then tailor out HVAC controls in New Hampshire to allow your heating, cooling and other important processes to move along smoothly.


What these New Hampshire building automation controls actually do

The purpose of building automation systems in New Hampshire is actually multi-pronged. Modern systems have a lot of functionality within your facility, including:

  • Maintaining a specified climate within your facility
  • Monitoring the performance and efficiency of your heating and cooling system
  • Detecting developing problems and alerting the end user
  • Adapting to facility needs and preferences (i.e. adjust for when the building is unoccupied)
  • And more

Here at HTS, we bring New Hampshire building automation systems to your facility. We offer a Lonworks or BACnet building automation solution from a single vendor. With our HVAC controls in New Hampshire, we are able to integrate all the systems and equipment in your heating and cooling operation into a single platform.

This platform is easy to manage — you can access your New Hampshire HVAC controls online through a normal web browser. Our building automation controls in New Hampshire are easy to use, but we also offer free life cycle training for end users in addition to providing online demos of the automation interface.


Bring efficiency to your facility through HTS

Enjoy the benefit of significant cost savings and enhanced functionality and intuitiveness in your building with our New Hampshire building automation systems. Our team is standing by to walk you through what we have to offer.

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