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Why is the air quality of your building so important? Well, if you’re a medical facility or laboratory, (like many of our clients), you already know the answer to this question. What may surprise you is the number of office buildings that are currently improving their air quality. Poor air quality can result in unhappy occupants and loss of productivity. Additionally, HTS NE offers commercial IAQ services in New Hampshire that will reduce or eliminate pathogens and viruses in your environment. First, HTS NE Related Services… Here at HTS NE, we’ve been offering best-in-class HVAC services for decades. We have 16 locations in Canada and many in the United States. We don’t just sell top quality HVAC systems… we design them! We’ve designed and implemented industrial HVAC systems for household name organizations and for smaller companies. Now why is this important? HVAC systems and air filtration systems are intimately related. We enable you to clean your indoor air and then expel it outside your building with our New Hampshire IAQ services. When your employees and occupants breathe fresh, clean air it makes a significant difference in productivity. Now, more than ever, companies demand their air to be free from pathogens and viruses that can cause long-term health problems for their employees. One of our featured solutions is our Modular IAQ Sensor System. If you’re going to ensure clean air for your building, you need to track some parameters closely. Enjoy the following benefits with our cutting-edge Senseware system:
  • Meets ASHRAE, LEED, OSHA Indoor Air Quality Standards.
  • Continuous real-time air quality data to ensure compliance.
  • Create reports and record keeping saved automatically.
  • Monitor changes in air quality for building performance evaluation.
  • Reduce project liability exposure.
HTS NE has an arsenal of solutions to vastly improve and protect the air in your building. We’re the most respected provider of commercial IAQ services in New Hampshire and we employ friendly, OEM-trained technicians. We’re available for you 24/7 and we can access hard-to-find parts instantly with our many warehouse locations. Contact HTS NE for New Hampshire IAQ Services Ready to improve your indoor air quality? Let us help today! Call 978-977-9911 or use our convenient online contact form. We’re happy to make your building environment the best and healthiest it can be!

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