HTS Ontario Co-Op Program

HTS Ontario is happy to have 25 Engineering Co-Op students joining us for the winter term. We’ve been engaged in a Co-Op Program since 1992 and it continues to play an integral role in our growth and success strategy. HTS looks to our students to be the future of the business. Three members of our Ownership group and several branch managers and team leaders came through our student program.

Our students have been positioned across our 7 Ontario offices where their Co-Op terms range from 4-months to 16-months. We are also pleased to have returning students join us over the course of their University program. In addition to learning the technical aspects of the job, our students are given the opportunity to mentor with an experienced team member to gain an understanding of our unique company culture and how we do business in order to Deliver Success to our clients.

“After a successful term in the Contracting Sales department, I am happy to be back at HTS, this time expanding my knowledge in the Engineering Sales department,” said Mann Patel, a Toronto Engineering Sales Intern. “Although assistance is always readily available, I appreciate that as students we are encouraged to work independently and solve problems on our own. This has allowed me to achieve a greater understanding of the HVAC industry while also developing new skills.”