International Women In Engineering Day – June 23rd, 2023

Happy International Women In Engineering Day! Today, we celebrate the vast and valuable work of women in engineering every day. We are honoured to shine a light on three of our very talented engineers, Julia, Katie and Ashley.



Contracting & Engineering Sales | Hamilton, Ontario

“My experience working at HTS has been nothing but positive. I am constantly being encouraged to take on new challenges and expand my knowledge in the HVAC construction industry. I have always felt part of the team and supported in all the work that I do.

My advice to those interested in STEM is to go for it! There are many opportunities out there, and don’t let the fear of failing get in the way.”

HTS News INWED Julia 2023 HTS | Commercial & Industrial HVAC Systems, Parts, & Services Company

Outside Sales | Austin, Texas

“I appreciate the opportunity to face new challenges every day with a group of people that believe in me.”

HTS News INWED Katie 2023 HTS | Commercial & Industrial HVAC Systems, Parts, & Services Company


Account Executive | Fort Worth, Texas

“ I chose engineering because my dad was the first generation in his family to go to college and he wanted to be an engineer. He worked full-time overnight at a gas station while in college to make it through, and ultimately ended up switching to business as the workload became too much. He really pushed me to become an engineer, since I excelled at math and science in grade school. I became the first engineer in my family.

I always have to chuckle a little bit when asked “what do you like about being a female in a male-dominated field?”. I don’t see it as male/female, I see it as who’s the best, most respected, and smartest individuals in the STEM field and think, “how can I learn from them to become an industry leader myself?”. I’ve always been super competitive and want my accomplishments and opinion to matter because people respect my knowledge and expertise, not because I am a female. Ultimately, I just want my kids to know they can do anything they set their mind to and be a good role model.”

HTS News INWED Ashley 2023 HTS | Commercial & Industrial HVAC Systems, Parts, & Services Company

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