Thank you to our students for another great co-op term

We’d like to send a huge shoutout to the 36 amazing students we had the privilege to work with this summer!  Our Co-Op program, founded in 1992, continues to be a cornerstone in our consistent growth and success.  We are looking forward to welcoming 31 students for the fall term! Fun fact: Three members of our current Ownership Group, and several Branch Managers joined HTS as students!

Thanks, Samuel, Michael and Shaan, for the great feedback!


Samuel Davidson | Seismic Design, Ottawa

“During my co-op term with HTS, I have been able to learn so much about the field of HVAC isolation and seismic design. By working closely with my team members, I gained proficiency in the design process of various types of HVAC components. HTS provided me with the opportunity to be a part of an engaging work environment that is conducive to personal growth and engineering expertise. With all of this support and positive energy, I have been able to excel in my field and take on more responsibility. In the engineering and construction industry, every new day brings on new challenges, and at HTS we have the tools to see them through.”


Michael Pei | Contracting & Engineering Sales, Hamilton

“HTS serves as an exceptional gateway into the HVAC industry and offered me invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth. Throughout my co-op terms, I have gained a diverse range of skills that have greatly improved my development. The Hamilton office is comprised of individuals who possess engineering backgrounds and prior co-op experience. This allowed me to pass my questions and inquiries along smoothly. By working in both Engineering and Contracting sales, I have gained profound insights into the relationship between technical expertise and effective interpersonal communication, which is a crucial aspect in delivering real success!”


Shaan Gill | Hydronic Pumps, Toronto

“This summer, I started my first work term in the hydronic sales department. Thus far, I have gained a significant amount of knowledge about the HVAC industry, particularly in the areas of pumps and heat exchangers. My supervisors have skillfully guided me along, ensuring a smooth transition into the position. I feel the work I am currently doing is meaningful and plays a larger societal purpose, something I didn’t anticipate prior to embarking on my first co-op position. I look forward to incorporating the lessons and experiences I take from this experience and applying them as I navigate through my academic and professional career.”


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