Ontario Commercial Cooler & Chiller Services

HTS Ontario serves the cities and regions of Ontario, London, Oshawa, Sudbury, Ottawa, Kitchener, Hamilton and Toronto, because we offer the best Ontario commercial chiller services in the industry. We understand that our clients often need parts and service quickly, especially during peak usage times, so we do everything we can to make that process as simple and streamlined as possible. We are the commercial cooler parts supplier in Ontario that industry professionals use because we can immediately provide even the hardest-to-find items because of our comprehensive inventory. When it comes to Ontario commercial cooler repairs, we can get them done fast due to the fact that HTS Ontario has numerous local dispatch locations to ensure reduced response times. Our clients get quick access to all the parts and tools they need. In fact, we are the commercial chiller parts supplier in Ontario that is often used for major projects at universities, hospitals, retail stores, laboratories, office buildings, and other sites.

Reasons to Use Our Ontario Commercial Chiller Services 

  • HTS Ontario offers our clients a service warranty for parts we’re installing and a labor warranty effective for three months.
  • We provide HVAC service and maintenance, HVAC parts and aftermarket, logistics, building automation (BAS), and equipment sales, along with Ontario commercial cooler repairs.
  • We are always thinking of innovative ways to help our clients. That’s why HTS Ontario has products of the month and occasional special discount offers on products. In addition, our engineering group offers several customer training sessions a year.
  • We’re the commercial cooler parts supplier in Ontario that gives customers who have contracts preferred service and rates.
  • To address your HVAC needs as soon as possible, we are the commercial chiller parts supplier in Ontario with outstanding customer service and 24/7 contact choices so you never have to wait very long.
  • We have motor control and variable speed drives, chillers (air, water, heat pump, magnetic and modular), chilled water air handling units (indoor and outdoor), DX VAV rooftops, CHW, HW, and CW pumping systems, and desiccant dehumidification.
  • Our factory-trained mechanics and OEM-trained mechanics are extremely knowledgeable and ready to handle all of your projects.

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