Ontario Commercial Heating Company

Do you need top-caliber HVAC installation, replacement, or maintenance for your building? HTS Ontario is a solutions-based company providing parts and equipment from leading manufacturers for your chillers, boilers, and other important temperature control systems. Our well-established Ontario commercial heating company serves the following cities/areas in Ontario with unsurpassed customer service and quality: London, Oshawa, Sudbury, Ottawa, Kitchener, Hamilton, and Toronto.

Comprehensive Ontario Commercial Heating Services 

Here at HTS Ontario, we’ve asked many building managers what their number one concern is for their building. As you may have guessed, most of them said it was their building’s HVAC system. If an HVAC system is not installed and maintained by leading experts, you can expect a good part of your month, every month, to be cluttered with problems that irritate your tenants. Our extremely well-versed technicians have seen virtually every type of temperature control system in completing innumerable Ontario commercial heating services. We also design and install large and complex HVAC systems from scratch. That means we know the ins and outs of HVAC systems like no other company. Our technicians train a minimum of 40 extra hours per year to ensure that they are conversant with any new developments and equipment.

HTS Ontario Has Your Building Covered

It’s much easier to start out with an expert Ontario commercial heating company. But if that’s not the case, and you’re experiencing myriad and frustrating problems with your building’s operational systems, it’s time to make your life a whole lot easier! We offer all the following equipment and much more:
  • Water source heat pumps
  • Motor control and variable speed drives
  • Energy recovery equipment
  • Automation systems
  • Mechanical room design and installation
  • Commercial and industrial grade ventilation and exhaust
  • Process heating and cooling
  • Large-scale industrial systems heating
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Heat exchangers
  • OEM equipment and hard-to-find parts
There is virtually no commercial or industrial HVAC project that we can’t do. You’ll experience the pleasure of competent and friendly customer service as well as technicians that are on time, every time!

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Your important commercial HVAC cooling services in Ontario (and heating services) demand an experienced and dedicated team. Please call us today at (905) 643-7719 or use the online contact form to answer any questions you may have about installation, upgrades, repairs, and/or service contracts that will save you money.

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