Ontario Hi-Rise Fan Coils Parts Supplier

When it comes to parts, no other company has the enormous, comprehensive inventory that HTS Ontario has. We are the hi-rise fan coils supplier in Ontario because we can obtain even the hardest-to-find parts for our clients, and we can do it fast. Consulting engineers, facility managers, mechanical contractors, and building owners come to HTS Ontario first when they need items such as motor control and variable speed drives, chillers (air, water, heat pump, magnetic and modular), chilled water air handling units (indoor and outdoor), pumping systems and desiccant dehumidification. We are renowned in the industry for service and support, local inventory, access to hard-to-find products, customer service, and superior product knowledge. We are the Ontario fan coils parts supplier because we have numerous local dispatch centers to reduce our response times and give customers the parts and tools they require promptly. HTS Ontario is the hi-rise fan coils parts supplier used by industry professionals for major projects such as universities, hospitals, office buildings, laboratories, retail stores, museums, and other types of construction.

Why Use HTS Ontario as Your Hi-Rise Fan Coils Supplier in Ontario 

  • We do custom design for new construction as well as renovation projects.
  • HTS Ontario is the Ontario fan coils parts supplier that can assist you with preventative maintenance, energy management, service for broken equipment, gas odor, insufficient heating/cooling/humidity, loud HVAC equipment and help designing HVAC systems.
  • We give you the peace of mind that comes from having a service warranty for parts we install and a labor warranty effective for three months.
  • From us, you get HVAC service and maintenance, HVAC parts and aftermarket, logistics, building automation (BAS), equipment sales, and more.
  • We are the hi-rise fan coils parts supplier that does more for our customers than most of our competitors. For example, our engineering group holds occasional customer training sessions. We also offer products of the month and special discounts on products.
  • In addition to HTS Ontario’s conceptual estimating and project management, our custom ERP system tracks each project from start to finish so no detail escapes our — and your — attention.

Reach out Today and Make HTS Ontario Your Hi-Rise Fan Coils Supplier in Ontario 

HTS Ontario handles industrial, institutional, and commercial projects of varying sizes for clients in London, Oshawa, Sudbury, Ottawa, Kitchener, Hamilton, Toronto. We promise our clients reasonable prices and optimization of their energy usage. Call us at (905) 643-7719 and discover what makes HTS Ontario special!

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