Oshawa ON 3PL Services Company Intermodal & Warehousing

Are you an architect, engineer, mechanical contractor or another HVAC industry professional who is seeking a supply chain process that is both fast and efficient? Our Oshawa 3PL services company, HTS Ontario, has the solution you have been seeking. Our competitive pricing and well-organized supply chain process make us the number one Oshawa 3PL warehousing company.

Let HTS Ontario Be Your Intermodal Services Company in Oshawa

Our streamlined logistics are scaled to support your organization’s needs. You will never pay for features you don’t use. These factors, along with our award-winning customer service, have led to our ranking as North America’s largest independent commercial and industrial HVAC distributor.

With immediate access to the vast array of popular and less commonly used HVAC parts in our Toronto warehouse, you will never have to worry that your search will be difficult. We understand that time is money and any down-time threatens your company’s bottom line. Not only will we locate and ship that part as soon as possible, our Oshawa 3PL warehousing company also offers end-user training to allow optimization of your existing HVAC technology.

Why We Remain the Best Intermodal Shipping Company in Oshawa

You may worry that with more than 20,000 annual shipments in addition to automated courier packages that you will become just another number. However, our top-notch customer service has won industry awards. Our experienced supply technicians are always ready and available to meet your HVAC logistical needs. These are just some of the services and products we provide:

  • Transparent pricing that remains competitive in the industry
  • Aftermarket, OEM and replacement parts for your commercial or industrial HVAC system
  • Leading brands like ClimateMaster, Daikin, McQuay, PVI and Whalen
  • For maintenance and repairs, factor-trained and highly skilled technicians

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Want to learn more about how our Oshawa 3PL services company can boost your supply chain and HVAC needs? Call us at 519.457.6700 or use our handy online contact form and a helpful representative will contact you.

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