Oshawa ON Commercial & Industrial HVAC Heat Pumps

The right heat pump can improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit and save you money. HTS Ontario is the premier source for Oshawa commercial HVAC heat pumps, offering next-level systems and state-of-the-art products and parts for all your HVAC needs. When you need reliable service and top-quality equipment, you can always depend on HTS Ontario.

Here’s Why We’re the Number One Industrial HVAC Heat Pump Supplier in Oshawa

Our dedication to our clients’ success and our commitment to customer service have made us the superior choice when it comes to Oshawa industrial HVAC heat pumps. But we don’t just stop there. You can trust us for HVAC design, installation and service because:

  • We have factory-trained mechanics who are unafraid of challenges and willing to provide custom HVAC solutions that are designed around your unique needs
  • We provide responsive, around-the-clock customer service and support for building owners, maintenance teams and other industry professionals whenever necessary
  • We offer a three-month warranty on labor in addition to any factory warranties that come with our Oshawa industrial HVAC heat pumps
  • We offer end-user training and ongoing maintenance contracts that can help you get the most efficient, cost-effective use out of our Oshawa commercial HVAC heat pumps
  • We maintain an extensive array of aftermarket parts, including both equipment from well-known brands like Daikin and more obscure models, all at a competitive price

Building owners, engineers, architects and contractors all know that they rely on us for all of their industrial or commercial HVAC needs, throughout the life cycle of their systems.

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