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How important is your building’s HVAC system to the overall smooth functioning of your operation? Very. HTS Ontario has been the recognized name in HVAC systems in Canada and the United States for decades. We’ve won awards every single year, in part, due to our exceptional Ottawa building automation control systems. Modern, Efficient Ottawa Commercial HVAC Automation Services If you’re a building manager, owner, engineer or facilities manager, you know the importance of reliable HVAC systems. Everyone associated with your building depends on it. HTS Ontario has worked diligently to become the top name in HVAC and our technicians train more than 40 hours per year on top of their already impressive background. Here are four excellent reasons to use us for Ottawa commercial HVAC automation services:
  1. Reduced energy costs.
  2. Extended equipment life.
  3. Precise temperature control.
  4. Precise humidity control.
The great thing about reduced energy costs is that they will offset some of your operational expenses over long periods of time. Industrial Building Automation Control Systems From Leading Manufacturers At HTS Ontario, we install and maintain automation control systems from leading manufacturers. We also have healthy relationships with those manufacturers which means we can access hard to find parts at any time. Our HVAC automation systems apply to all of the following:
  • Central Plant Control Systems
  • Laboratory Airflow Control Systems
  • Pressure Control Systems
  • Building and Energy Management Control Systems
  • And more.
Our clients rely on us to dial in the perfect system for their environment. In some cases this involves extreme precision. Choose our HVAC control systems company in Ottawa for superb customer service and the best technicians in the business.

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