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If you’re looking to vastly improve your building’s air quality, it’s time for commercial IAQ services in Plano, TX, from HTS Texas. We’ve installed over 250 million square feet of IAQ enhancements over the last 20 years. Your indoor air quality is important for the health of your building occupants and their productivity. Why Are IAQ Solutions in Plano, TX, Important? It’s critically important for your company to ensure that pathogens and viruses are eliminated or severely reduced in your working environment. HTS Texas has provided leading air filtration solutions to the United States and Canada for decades. We have multiple locations in Texas where we have provided the highest quality Plano, TX, IAQ services for companies with thousands of employees. Many companies and corporations hire us to meet the updated ASHRAE air quality recommendations. Some of our clients are schools — who are no stranger to vigorously safeguarding the health of all students, teachers, and staff  who enter their buildings. All of us spend significant amounts of time indoors, so it’s important to reduce the amount of pathogens and particles that can be deleterious to our health and productivity. Different Systems for Commercial IAQ Services in Plano, TX At HTS Texas, you have cutting-edge options for excellent air quality. Let us familiarize you with our four main air quality solutions:
  • Polarized Media Filtration Systems: We’ve won awards with our modern filtration system. It features MERV 15 performance, which far exceeds the ASHRAE guidelines for COVID-19. This Dynamic V8 air-cleaning system sets the standard for clean air.
  • UV Germicidal Irradiation: Inactivate viral, bacterial and fungal organisms with devastating accuracy. Shortwave ultraviolet energy is highly effective in cleaning your indoor air. This method reduces or eliminates the spread of disease through the aforementioned organisms.
  • Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization: Ionization disrupts the surface proteins of pathogens rendering them innocuous. The rate of reduction of human coronavirus with this method is up to 90%!
  • Modular IAQ Sensor Solutions: Monitor continuous real-time data about the quality of your indoor air. You can create reports for review to increase productivity as you observe correlations with specific air quality parameters.
We’re an award-winning air filtration company because we install industry-leading equipment, employ highly qualified technicians and provide 24/7 services. Contact HTS Texas Today for Better Air! Please call us today at (832) 328-1010 or use our convenient online contact form to ask us about our Plano, TX, IAQ services. We look forward to serving you!

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