Schneider Altistart 22

Soft Start / Soft Top Unit

Altistart 22 – Soft starters for pumps and fans from 4 kW to 400 kW

Soft start/soft stop unit for infrastructure and industrial applications
Altistart 22 soft start/soft stop unit for 3-phase asynchronous motors

Simplifies installation and operation saves time on wiring (6 terminals instead of 12) Optimises the size of your enclosures (very compact product) Keeps temperature rises to a minimum (low heat dissipation) Reduces the number of components to manage (multifunction product)

Protects your installations: Minimises jolts and shocks, reduces mechanical stresses on the machines, increases the service life of your installations, prevents installation failure by detecting and signalling faults such as a blocked motor, underload or incorrect earthing of one of the 3 phases

Bypass and safety functions protection devices for monitoring the motor, the electrical installation and the starter itself simple setup and operation with:

  • 4 light emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • 4 navigation keys
  • 4-digit display SoMove software for configuring on PC and transferring the configuration via Bluetooth® or using a cable coated cards as standard for enhanced resistance to harsh environments benefits