Seibu Giken America DRY-SAVE Desiccant Dehumidifier Cassette


Low dew points down to -112 F
Airflow 50-80,000 CFM
Over 90% of original capacity after 10 years of service
Seibu Giken developed the first in the world activated silica-gel honeycomb rotor and commercialized it in 1984 for use in desiccant dehumidifiers. After more than 30 years Seibu Giken remains a world leader in desiccant dehumidification technologies and continues to be the leading supplier of desiccant dehumidifier cassettes and rotors worldwide.

Unlike conventional refrigeration-based dehumidification systems, the desiccant dehumidifiers developed by Seibu Giken can dehumidify air at temperatures below 10°C (14°F).