Daikin North America (VRV & ASHPs) FXEQ

Single Flow Ceiling-Mounted Cassette LEED Friendly

  • The main body of the unit is optimized to be a compact design. Only 7-⅞” in height and a width of 18-½” making it possible to use this style of indoor unit in the tightest of spaces.
  • The innovative discharge air louver design forces air in heating mode to ground level to improve the overall space heating effect of the indoor unit.
  • The unit is equipped with both horizontal and vertical louvers that can be freely adjusted with the remote controller providing a capability to optimize the airflow and throw to suit your room design.
  • The utilization of both a DC-style Fan Motor and integrated Condensate Pump allow for improvements in energy consumption as well as lower operating sound levels than other styles of indoor units.
  • This Indoor unit can be set to 5 predetermined fan speeds using the BRC1E73 wired remote controller, which allows for optimum and comfortable airflow.
  • A Ventilation Air knock-out is provided to allow up to 15% of the rated airflow through the unit to be pretreated outside air.
  • The innovative “smooth finish” decoration panel design helps to minimize dust and dirt build-up and facilitates easier cleaning.
  • The Indoor Unit is equipped with a factory installed condensate pump with a lift capacity of up to 33-7/16″ (measured from the bottom of the unit).
  • For ease of service and maintenance activities, it is possible to access the main components of the unit by only removing the decoration panel.