Daikin North America (VRV & ASHPs) FXFQ

3'x3' 4-way Ceiling Mounted Cassette Unit LEED Friendly


The Round Flow Sensing Cassette is ideal for open plan applications such as classrooms and offices where adaptive comfort control is preferred. The unit provides an excellent comfort level, energy efficiency, and flexibility due to advanced control functions based on input from three room sensors (occupancy, air temperature, and surface temperature). With 18 configurable airflow distribution patterns, it can be efficient and provide a comfortable environment in smaller, more intricate spaces as well.

  • 360° airflow to reduce drafts and improve comfort
  • Models range from 9MBH to 48MBH
  • Improved flexibility with 23 different possible airflow patterns, ensuring ideal air distribution to maximize comfort and savings
  • Lower air velocities for better room airflow distribution
  • Reduced unit weight and improved efficiency with a light weight fan
  • Stain resistant and easily cleanable decoration panel coating
  • Silver ion antibacterial drain pan treatment
  • 3 user selectable fan speeds (HH, H, and L)