Krueger HVAC Louvered Diffusers

SHPC Series


The SHPC series square diffusers are available in various sizes and discharge air patterns to meet engineering requirements for capacity and directional throw in addition to a variety of frame styles to meet architectural requirements of today’s ceilings. They feature a 1/4” horizontal lip on all sides of the louvered core, which results in a tight horizontal pattern at the ceiling and a higher discharge velocity at the face. This creates a high induction region just below the face of the diffuser, which improves room air mixing. Further, they include manually adjustable pattern controllers mounted between the core and frame to provide vertical discharge when required. Because they have higher discharge face velocities, they are an excellent choice for variable air volume systems with above normal temperature differentials. Also, the pattern controllers make them a great choice for use in high ceiling applications with ceiling heights ranging from 10 – 20 feet. At typical flow rates, isothermal throws of 18 – 30 feet make them ideal for mounting centrally in many spaces with high load requirements while providing high mixing rates in the space.