Daikin Applied Trailblazer®

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller-AGZ


Daikin Trailblazer® air cooled scroll chillers are feature rich, with industry leading performance and a low installed cost. Combine this with high operating efficiency and ease of maintenance and these reliable 30 to 240-ton chillers provide big benefits for small to mid-sized buildings as well as mission critical applications like data centers and hospitals. With features typically found on more expensive chillers, why settle for anything but a Daikin air cooled chiller?

  • Reliable – Trailblazer® is built on the solid foundation of reliability and robust design of Daikin’s AGZ chiller product.
  • Efficient – Exceeds ASHRAE Standard 90.1 2016 standards.
  • Quiet – Sound pressure ratings as low as 61 dBA, without any optional acoustic treatment.
  • Low cost of ownership – Trailblazer’s low installed cost, combined with high operating efficiency and ease of maintenance provide the lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Ideal for retrofit – Compact unit footprint can save installation space & costs.
  • Mission critical applications – Trailblazer was designed to handle the demanding requirements of data centers and hospitals. The RapidRestore® feature along with the high evaporator leaving water temperature capability (65˚F) makes Trailblazer® the ideal choice.
  • Responsible refrigerants – The Trailblazer chillers use R-410A, which has no ozone depletion potential and no phase-out schedule.
  • Easy to integrate – Our Open Choices™ feature allows the unit controls to easily integrate with your choice of building automation system using LonTalk®, BACnet® or Modbus® open protocols.
  • LEED® points – All dual circuit models qualify for LEED EAC – 4 for Enhanced Refrigerant Management worth 2 points.

Find out your payback analysis with this tool: https://application.daikinapplied.com/payback/Chiller