Rhode Island Building Automation Systems

Managing a large facility can be difficult, but Rhode Island building automation systems make it a little easier. These systems automate important processes within your facility – namely heating, cooling, ventilation and humidity control. Here at HTS, we are experts in heating and cooling solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional markets. We offer HVAC controls in Rhode Island that are both sophisticated and easy to use. Our Rhode Island building automation controls help maintain these critical processes within your facility, and do so in a way that promotes energy efficiency. All building automation systems in Rhode Island are different, but some examples of how these systems work to meet the needs of your workforce, while saving you on energy costs, include:
  • Setting parameters that tell the system when the facility is occupied and when it isn’t. This allows Rhode Island HVAC controls to respond accordingly and kill certain processes that are not needed for a vacant building.
  • Monitoring your energy usage. Rhode Island building automation systems should help you track how much energy is being used and what it’s being used on. It’s also important to have a system that identifies developing issues and alerts the user.
  • Identify the peak times for energy usage and react accordingly. With HVAC controls in Rhode Island, you can avoid brownouts and other avoidable energy issues.
Here at HTS, we are highly experienced in working with building automation controls in Rhode Island. We invite you to consult with our team to learn about your options and assess the specific needs of your facility. Together, we can design and implement one of our Rhode Island building automation systems for your facility, and HTS will stay alongside you to provide necessary training and respond to service needs. Here at HTS, we look forward to working with you.

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