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HTS NE understands what professionals such as consulting engineers, architects and building owners look for when they engage us for commercial IAQ services in Rhode Island. Foremost is the elimination of pathogens, pollutants, foul odors, mold and other bacteria and viruses from the environment. They also want to be able to monitor key factors like temperature and humidity with the most reliable real-time data. In addition, they seek IAQ solutions in Rhode Island that fit their budget. With over 20 years in the business and more than 250 million square feet of IAQ enhancements installed in places such as schools, health care facilities, retail, government buildings, hospitality and laboratories, HTS NE truly has the experience and Rhode Island IAQ services you want. We have over 100 degreed engineers to deal with any IAQ problems or issues you may have, no matter what size or age your building is. We also provide the most sensitive, sophisticated technology on the market so your employees’ and visitors’ health and well-being is assured. HTS NE offers a wide variety of highly effective, customizable, state-of-the-art industrial, institutional and commercial IAQ options for ventilation, temperature, humidity, controls, filtration and containment removal systems. Why HTS NE Has the Best Commercial IAQ Services in Rhode Island
  • Our trained personnel work closely with you to determine the most appropriate IAQ solutions to fit your needs.
  • We offer the most up-to-date ultraviolet light technology to handle bacteria, viruses and mold.
  • HTS NE’s active filtration solutions have been shown to be 99% effective for eliminating viruses. They are so dependable that they have been installed in scores of medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical facilities that must be as free as possible of all contaminants.
  • Our Rhode Island IAQ services include installing IAQ modular sensors to monitor formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and bio-hazards. These sensors represent the latest technology available.
  • We can help you make sure that your facility meets ASHRAE air quality standards and has appropriate air and water building infrastructure.
  • Our Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System and Sterile Sweep Germicidal UVC Systems help to purify the air in your workplace.
  • HTS NE specializes in UV germicidal irradiation, needlepoint bipolar ionization and filtration systems.
How to Contact HTS Texas We hope that you visit our web site, www.hts.com, so we can begin planning your IAQ solutions. We look forward to partnering with you at this time when air quality is so crucial.

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