San Antonio Air Cooled Chiller Maintenance

Welcome to HTS, a leader in air cooled chiller maintenance in San Antonio TX. An air-cooled or water-cooled chiller is a central component in an HVAC system. The team at HTS can service your air cooled chiller to ensure that it is effective in its efforts to cool the interior climate of your facility. As an air cooled chiller components provider in San Antonio TX, we carry an extensive inventory of parts that are manufactured by the top names in the business. This means that, when you find that you need service for your chiller, our team can act quickly and minimize downtime.

Highly effective air cooled chiller maintenance in San Antonio TX

There are a variety of ways in which our team can address a malfunctioning or broken air cooled chiller at your facility. As your San Antonio air cooled chiller maintenance provider, our team can:
  • Issue the needed repairs to your chiller
  • Replace a component or the unit completely if repairs are not possible or effective
  • Bring in emergency chillers to ensure production can continue
Your productivity and convenience is at the heart of everything we do. We’re personally invested in your short- and long-term success and we tap into our extensive knowledge and experience to deliver it.

Lean on HTS as your San Antonio air cooled chiller components provider

From inspections to new installations — HTS can provide you with masterful work and service for your air cooled chiller and the other crucial components of your building’s heating and cooling system. We invite you to connect with the members of our team and let us know how we can help you with your commercial and industrial heating and cooling needs.

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